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Strategy & History


NuGene initially focused on providing stem cell derived medical products to medical providers. These products included Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) and Stem Cell injections for orthopedic and plastic surgery procedures.

In 2011 the founders decided to use adult adipose human stem cells as the foundation of the formulation for its product line. Through their research and development they developed a proprietary process to extract human adult stem cells from fat cells that are used in the customized NuGene line (celebrity collection) made specifically for client(s) donating their own fat tissues.

The Company though this process developed the ability to culture adult human stem cells to render human conditioned stem cell media at proprietary concentrations (which is the primary ingredient in the NuGene line of Cosmeceuticals).

In 2012, NuGene completed their initial line of cosmeceutical products based on adipose derived stem cells.

Throughout 2013 NuGene continued to expand the product offerings of the skincare and haircare line. The Company focused its stem cell work on the surgical arena and orthopedic regeneration. Sales of the NuGene Line were limited through this initial rollout and branding phase.

It was decided that Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) and Stem Cell injections for orthopedic and plastic surgery procedures had limited growth potential and thus NuGene changed its focus to developing skincare and haircare cosmeceuticals which has a much larger market potential.

NuGene focused efforts in 2014 on transitioning to a cosmeceutical skincare and haircare business for mass distribution. The Company directed significant time and resources developing anti-aging and scar treatment/reduction products.

The category of skincare products based on biotechnology, such as human stem cell, is just beginning to be developed and therefore we expect that it has significant growth potential. NuGene’s goal is to leverage its knowledge of human stem cell technology to develop and commercialize advanced anti-aging skincare products for retail and professional channels. NuGene develops, manufactures, and markets cosmetic skincare and haircare products to address this significant market opportunity.

NuGene has initially focused on national distribution through medical offices and medical spas. As part of that focus the company has sought to leverage the close relationships with the plastic surgery community developed by its founders.

In November 2014, the company entered into a License Agreement with kathy ireland Worldwide Inc. whereby NuGene licensed the right to utilize the trademarks and rights to the name, likeness and visual representations of Kathy Ireland in connection with their cosmeceutical line of products containing adult human adipose stem cell derived or containing biologically active or biologically derived ingredients.

NuGene believes that their proprietary concentration in conjunction with their unique formulations, licensing agreement and industry relationships will provide a significant competitive advantage.

The company in addition has initiated preclinical FDA work for a new topical drug (drug intended for delivery through the skin) for the treatment of burns that is expected to not only reduce infection (silver sulfadiazine), but also enhance tissue growth. Burns are the fourth most common type of trauma worldwide.

The Company has continued to assemble an Advisory Board consisting of Board Certified Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Burn Specialists consisting of medical professionals whom the Company believes are leaders in their respective fields.

Board of Directors

Ali Kharazmi, J.D., M.B.A., CEO & Director Education:

Juris Doctorate 1997, Masters in Business Administration 1983

Bachelors of Arts in Economics 1980, Vice President of Business Development for Republic Health 1986-1988, the third largest For Profit Hospital Group.

Medical Information Networks: (1998-2003)
Co-Founder of one of the first medical technology companies to provide electronic prescription services and formulary control with e-detailing to physicians by pharmaceutical companies. This type of transaction was done via a handheld device using the internet and allowed the sponsoring company to have immediate access to the physician history.

Newport Beach Plastic Surgery: (2003-2005)
Co-Founder of one of the largest staff model plastic surgery multi-site medical groups in California.

Multi-site outpatient surgical facility company: (2004-2005)

Genetic Institute of Anti-Aging & Center for Weight Management and plastic surgery: (2005-present)
Co-Founder of a comprehensive center for analysis of a patient’s comprehensive physical condition.

Advanced Surgical Partners: (2005-present)
Co-Founder and CEO

Founder-Regenerative Institute: (2012-present)
A research lab that works exclusively on stem cell related research and treatment methods.

OrthoRegeneration: (2012-present)
Co-Founder of a Sport and Orthopedic Regeneration company specializing in PRP and Adult Human Adipose stem cell based regenerative services.

M. Saeed Kharazmi, M.D., Chairman & Chief Technology Officer

M. Saeed Kharazmi, MD obtained his Medical Degree from University of California, Irvine in 1992 and completed his Residency and Chief Residency at St. Mary Medical Center/UCLA in 1996. In 2014 Dr. Kharazmi joined UCR as HS Assistant Clinical Professor and became the Medical Director of UCRHealth, a university hospitalist group. He is also the acting Medical Director for Advanced Surgical Partners, a multispecialty surgical facility, that he and his brother started in 2004. His interest in Age Management and Research led to the development of Genetic Institute of Anti-Aging in 2005 where he became co-founder of NuGene, a cosmeceutical company. Dr. Kharazmi led the Nugene scientific team to introduce new active ingredients for skin rejuvenation and wound healing.