Joan Gonzales
Split Face Testimonial

Since I’ve been using NuGene Eye Serum there has been a noticeable difference in my under eye area, including lightening the dark circles and the diminishment of fine lines. The consistency and quality of the eye serum is exceptional. To date, it has surpassed any other product line that I have come across. And an extra bonus to using the NuGene eye serum, it smells great!

Angaleen Jacobson

I was referred to Dr Fady Elias at Orthoregeneration.com following an ACL replacement. While being treated for my knee, he observed that my hair was dry and breaking, and that I suffered from sun spots and inconsistent skin. He recommended that I try NuGene products. After only two weeks I noticed a dramatic change in the health of my hair and skin. This stuff really works! The next step is to get product made from my own stem cells and I can’t wait!
Thanks, NuGene, for my improved look and confidence!

Cat Zingano
Mixed Martial Artist

Sophia Phan
Clinical Esthetician

I am so excited to see improvement in the overall condition of my skin. I’ve been suffering from Melasma for 6 years, have tried bleaching creams and laser treatments, but nothing has helped until now. Not only is my skin not hypersensitive to the sun while using the NuGene, it has also helped prevent breakouts. I had been using acne facial cleansers since I was a teenager, and after using the NuGene face wash, I no longer need to use harsh cleansers or toners. My skin has never looked or felt this good!

Lissett Evanzia

Great news !! I am a 58 year male, who has been experiencing thinning hair for the last 10 years. I have finally found the ultimate product and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. NuGene has made me happier man.

Mario Miramontes

I was introduced to the NuGene NuEyes eye serum a little over 2 weeks ago and saw a difference within 5 days. Like many Asians, I have puffiness under my eyes, but when I use the serum twice a day my eyes are less puffy. I am turning 30 so I don’t have any fine lines to correct but it doesn’t hurt to prevent. I love it so far!

Vee Somm

When choosing products for my face, hair and body I’m always on the lookout for new and breakthrough products. Growing up with acne, I’ve always had to be careful about what I put on my skin. Now I am in my thirties I notice my skin aging and getting dryer, so a friend suggested to take a look at NuGene. My first impression was “wow, human stem cells!” I loved the beautiful packaging and the luxurious smell. I have now been using NuGene for eight weeks and have already seen incredible results! That crepe-textured skin under my eyes has diminished and the lines on my forehead have definitely softened. Not only do I get compliments when I’m not wearing makeup, friends also notice when I’m wearing it under my foundation! My skin is smoother and softer; NuGene is now my “go to” skin range. Thank you

Amy Tate

Spencer Steward
Production Coordinator

Amazing products!!! I have been using them for a couple weeks. I have noticed a huge difference with my skin texture, tone and fine lines diminishing. My lines I had on my neck are going away !!! My friend commented on how good my skin is looking. She even said I look younger !!!!Thank you NuGene!!!

Pamela Harper

At 49, I’ve tried numerous anti-aging products – including major brands – but hadn’t really noticed significant results over the years. So when I tried NuGene, I was skeptical and not expecting much. I’ve been on the total skin and hair regime for three weeks and I’m seeing real results! I have specifically noticed tightening of the skin on my eye lids and a noticeable increase in new hair growth. (Even my stylist made a point to comment last weekend.) I’m not the type to jump on the band wagon quickly, but I have to say NuGene is showing honest promise. I’ve recommended it to my friends already.

Lorie Patti

AnnaMaria Demara
Actress, Writer, Producer